Creating new MemGPT presets

Presets allow you to customize agent functionality

MemGPT presets are a combination default settings including a system prompt and a function set. For example, the memgpt_docs preset uses a system prompt that is tuned for document analysis, while the default memgpt_chat is tuned for general chatting purposes.

You can create your own presets by creating a .yaml file in the ~/.memgpt/presets directory. If you want to use a new custom system prompt in your preset, you can create a .txt file in the ~/.memgpt/system_prompts directory.

For example, if I create a new system prompt and place it in ~/.memgpt/system_prompts/custom_prompt.txt, I can then create a preset that uses this system prompt by creating a new file ~/.memgpt/presets/custom_preset.yaml:

system_prompt: "custom_prompt"
  - "send_message"
  - "pause_heartbeats"
  - "core_memory_append"
  - "core_memory_replace"
  - "conversation_search"
  - "conversation_search_date"
  - "archival_memory_insert"
  - "archival_memory_search"

This preset uses the same base function set as the default presets. You can see the example presets provided here, and you can see example system prompts here.