MemGPT Discord Bot

Get up and running with the MemGPT Discord Bot

The fastest way to experience MemGPT is to chat with the MemGPT Discord Bot.

Join Discord and message the MemGPT bot (in the #memgpt channel). Then run the following commands (messaged to "MemGPT Bot"):

  • /profile (to create your profile)
  • /key (to enter your OpenAI key)
  • /create (to create a MemGPT chatbot)

Make sure your privacy settings on this server are open so that MemGPT Bot can DM you:
MemGPT → Privacy Settings → Direct Messages set to ON

set DMs settings on MemGPT server to be open in MemGPT so that MemGPT Bot can message you

You can see the full list of available commands when you enter / into the message box.

MemGPT Bot slash commands