Contributing to the documentation

How to add to the MemGPT documentation

There are two ways to propose edits to the MemGPT documentation: editing the documentation files directly in the GitHub file editor (on the GitHub website), or cloning the source code and editing the documentation files (in your text/markdown editor of choice).

Editing directly via GitHub


Requires a GitHub account

Before beginning, make sure you have an account on and are logged in.

The easiest way to edit the docs is directly via the GitHub website:

  1. Open the documentation section of the MemGPT source code on GitHub:
  2. Find the file you want to edit using the name on the docs page - for example, if you wanted to edit, you would look for the on GitHub
  3. Click on the file, then click the edit icon on the top right (the edit icon is a pencil and will say "Edit this file" when you hover over it)
  4. If you haven't made a fork of the repository yet, you'll see a notice "You need to fork this repository to propose changes" - click "Fork this repository" and you should immediately be put in a file editor view that says "You’re making changes in a project you don’t have write access to"
  5. Make your edits to the file, then click "Commit changes", then click "Propose changes"
  6. Confirm that your edits look good, then click "Create pull request" to go to the PR creation screen
  7. Add the necessary details describing the changes you've made, then click "Create pull request"
  8. ✅ That's it! A MemGPT team member will then review your PR and if it looks good merge it into the main branch, at which point you'll see the changes updated on the docs page!

Editing via the source code

Editing documentation via the source code follows the same process as general source code editing - forking the repository, cloning your fork, editing a branch of your fork, and opening a PR from your fork to the main repo. See our source code editing guide for more details.