Python Client

You can view a working example of the Admin client here.

Admin Client

User creation and authentication is managed through the Admin client, which is authenticated via the server token (set by the MEMGPT_SERVER_PASS environment variable, or generated when memgpt server is run).

You can create an admin client by connecting to the server URL with the server token:

from memgpt import Admin

admin = Admin(base_url="http://localhost:8283", token="your_token")

Creating Users

You can create users via the Admin client. Each user has a unique UUID, and can only access data (e.g. agents, data sources, etc.) which the user created.

response = admin.create_user()
user_id = response.user_id # unique UUID for the user 
api_key = response.api_key # bearer token for authentication

User Client

You can connect to the user endpoints of a MemGPT service via the RESTClient. Each instance of the RESTClient corresponds to a single user.

from memgpt import create_client

client = create_client(base_url="http://localhost:8283", token=token)